Visiting Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Tiu Kelep Waterfall in Lombok, Indonesia is likely one of my favourite places in the world. Here is how to have this truly magical place all to yourself.

When we arrived in Lombok, Indonesia there was only one place I knew I had to see: Tiu Kelep waterfall. I read about a secret waterfall hidden in the jungle, and the treacherous hike to get there. A little more research suggested that in the past year, the secret has definitely gotten out. Wanting the incredible falls all to ourselves (we are greedy aren’t we?) Derek and I headed out at the crack of dawn to arrive at the falls as early as possible.

Getting to Tiu Kelep from Senggigi

We headed out from Sengiggi at first light on the two-hour coast-hugging drive. OH MY was the early morning worth it! From Sengiggi, the journey takes about 2 hours along an easy-to-follow road that hugs the shoreline. Like a number of fantastic stops in Asia, Tiu Kelep Waterfall is on GoogleMaps! We stopped along the beach to watch cowherds in the sunrise, and enjoy the breakfast packed for us by our hotel (Puri Mas Boutique Hotel). All went according to plan, and we arrived at the entrance to the waterfalls right when it opened at 8am. We paid the 10,000IDR entrance fee, and headed down the steps.

The steps actually lead to a different waterfall, called Sendang Gile. This was the main attraction several years ago. The trail leading off the right as you descend the stairs that takes you to Tiu Kelep was a well-kept secret. After briefly checking out Sendang Gile, we continued on our way, eager to see what we knew was waiting for us about 20 minutes further. The hike is now well paved, and while you have to cross a river in two places just before you reach the falls, it is very easy to see where you need to go.

Our Jungle Paradise Experience

Despite how easy it was to get there, Derek and I were delighted to find we were the only people at the massive falls. Massive streams of water tumbled out of the jungle wall into a large pool, making for an awe-inspiring spectacle. We spent the next few hours swimming in the cold pool, and admiring the crashing water from the small cave behind the falls. At around 1030, the sun shone into our little patch of jungle, and some tourists started to arrive. We headed out happy to have enjoyed this little paradise as if we were the only people on earth.Tiu Ke


I can’t get over how amazing Tiu Kelep was – a true jungle paradise! While the once completely ignored feat of nature is now a common stop for tourists. Luckily, we had it completely to ourselves thanks to the ungodly hour we arrived (8am). I definitely recommend doing the same!


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